Art Dechet

Reusing and repurposing waste materials for the pleasure of art and the love of the planet.

I refer to my art as Art Dechet. It translates as rubbish tip art! And hopefully not just rubbish art! This name represents my desire to reuse and repurpose materials in my art. I care that these materials do not end up in landfill.

Throughout my life I have left a trail of creativity. Impromptu sand sculptures on beaches, palm leaf sculptures in rainforests, grass cut patterns in meadows and I've even painted garden pebbles outside Bangkok airport waiting for a delayed flight!

Due to lost, stolen and broken devices over the years I have no photographic record of this creative trail I've blazed! Therefore my photographic journey begins with the art I am continuously creating here in France.

Déchets de bois

We started living in the mountains in November 2010, just before winter. We had no time to cut down a tree and dry the wood ready to burn to heat our home.

we sourced some free waste wooden off cuts from a local carpenters to get ourselves through our first winter here.

I was fascinated by these mis-shapen blocks and began to explore ways to use them, initially sanding and painting them for my very young e children to play with. I then created  a game called "wonky blocks" suitable for all ages which we still play regularly to date. The catchphrase for this game is "keep it wonky"! And has since become our family saying....

Surrounded by art nouveau architecture in this region of France I then began to see this genre of design in the blocks and created "ville de bois", a minature wooden town to acompany the children's toy cars and railway.


Waste blocks sanded and painted for creative use

Wonky blocks!

Keep it wonky!

Ville de bois

Montage mosaics

The moon represented as ying and yang. Garden terrace mosaic.

Creating mosaics is a fantastic way of using waste materials.

We are continually renovating our house and farm building and i use mosaics to finish floors and fireplaces. All using waste tiles, marble, granite and slate from local quarries.

Garden terrace floor

Bathroom dragonfly

Our farm children's bedroom